Gigapixel prints/licensing

We offer some exclusive large format gigapixel image prints:


Gigapixel large format print

This is me holding 44″x44″ print performed from 18000×18000 pixel image at 300 dpi (standard photo quality). This is downsized print. Тhe original is 39000×39000 pixels which would give you 130″x130″ high quality print.

Prints of images up to 12000 pixels wide can be ordered at my page  FineArtAmerica.

If you have questions or  request for special projection/crop/print  – please email me directly:

Available prints/license:
Manhattan spherical gigapixel panorama from Empire State Building

manhattan  gigapan
360 Spherical Gigapixel New York panorama

Equirectangular size: 50964×25482 pixels
Gigapixel preview:


San Francisco 360 spherical gigapixel from Coit tower:

San Francisco gigapixel
San Francisco gigapan

Equirectangular size: 69352×34767 pixels

Gigapixel preview:

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