Las Vegas at dusk spherical panorama from Eiffel Tower

Las vegas dusk 360 panorama

Resolution: 14000×7000

Camera/lens: Canon 5d mark II und 8-15 f/4L at 15mm.

Software: PTGUI 10.0.10 Pro,  Photoshop CC 2014

Computer: Intel I7 4.1Ghz und 24GB of RAM

As people request some info about panorama: It was shoot with Canon 5d mark II und 8-15 f/4L at 15mm. Stitched from 103 photos (33*3 bracketing + 4 separate photos of fountain . ISO 100, f/11 (2.5s, 0.6s, 1/6s) bracketing (without tripod:).

Initially I ‘ve made easy version – tonemapped all 33 sets with SNS – then stitched pano from that TIFFs. It took 2 evenings But wasn’t pleased with result – looks too “poisoned” to me. BTW: here is it:

When I tried process which is my favored: PTGUI exposure fusion with layers and started to work with generated PSB file. The PSB has exposure blended layer and all the layers with black masks on top of it. As it is shoot from different points – many parallax errors were present – to fix them I normally finding layer with required part of image and required exposure (as it is bracketing) and reveal required part of it by painting white on a mask. If you shoot from tripod with panohead – then all layers are alligned – and revealed part is exactly aligned to the blended panorama, but in case of the building, you shot from different points  – and parallax errors occurs. To fight with them i normally copy part of required  layer on top of everything – and transform/allign/warp, As it was shoot during 18min – lights changes at dusk time dramatically – I had to apply adjustments on each copied layer (levels, color balance). Some layers have 5-6 clipped adjustment layers. At the end the result was what whole image was copypasted with adjustments so I deleted ptgui exposure blended part – the image was without holes – which mean I had manually created whole pano 🙂

The whole process took about 3 weeks (several evenings/nights per week)

Screenshoot of photoshop (somewhere in half “job done”)


Me (with a black backpack) during the shooting (thanks for photo to  Sergey Semenov (

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