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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs DSLR

Just made an experiment how my new Galaxy Note 4 stands against my DSLR Canon 5d mark II.
I zoomed 5d mark II with 16-35 f/2.8 II L equal to Note 4  horizontal FOV (what resulted in 29mm) then made several shots from the same point. 5dmk2 JPG+RAW (as I always shot). JPG: WB – auto, Picture style – standard, quality – normal, Aperture priority f/8, evaluate metering.
RAW: some standard tuning to my taste, shadows /highlights – additional sharpness CA removal.

Note 4 camera: h16lsha00sm (according to *#34971539#)
Here is the final result picture (all the images zoomed to actual pixels):

Have to admit what Note 4 is very close or even better to 5dmk2 in Jpeg (what is not surprising as DSLR normally don’t add too much contrast/saturation/sharpness to JPEG engine), And 5d mk2 in RAW is all way better than Note 4 (thanks god :))